Slot version size (DDR3 based)

Many have asked me how big the device is. So I took a picture with a grid in the background. Each square is 1 centimeter.

As you can see it has a standard size and can be installed in any PC.

Together with the DDR4 brother!


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4 thoughts on “Slot version size (DDR3 based)

  1. Hello!
    If populate all dimm with 16gb ecc reg modules, power consumption is getting closer to 100W(if take max in KVR16R11D4/16 datasheet, as example). Power lines on PCI-E slot limited by 75W.
    Does the board have an extra power connector?
    Thank you.

  2. Is the other version with chip, will be also made in 8x ? And will it keep the same 15cm high or it will be taller ?

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