Meet the latest release!

Hi all!

The latest version of the ddram disk is ready for batch production! What are the differences?

  1. It’s much cheaper and allows you to use common memory boards (DDR3 or DDR4 in the near future).
  2. It has a built-in LiPo and stores your data for up to a year.
  3. It still has an infinite R/W resource!

Keep for updates! There are many interesting things ahead!


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11 thoughts on “Meet the latest release!

  1. Awesome! Been following you guy’s for a short while now since I found your project. I had hopped it would take off in the direction of your latest release. I have been searching to replace a product I had back in the early ’90s I had incorporated Into one of my machines I was running a BBS on at the time. Unfortunately I had lost better than 80% of my equipment in a fire. Not remembering the manufacturer or model# I had been searching for years without success until I came across your project. What I had before was operated off an IDE as a regular HDD, had (if I recall correctly) 12 SIMM Slots with an ultimate capacity of something like 96Meg, was battery backed via old NiCd. I could be wrong on some of that as it has been many years. I only had it loaded with 32Meg which was plenty for what I used it for on an old DOS system. Enough of my story… When will this new product be available?

  2. Cool.
    At last, all RAM upgrade leftovers can be used.
    I’d be glad to see also a version with additional SODIMM slots on the back side, connected to the same pins and mutually exclusive with full-sized DDR DIMMs, but allowing to choose either DIMM or SODIMM, at least for some slots.
    Maybe also a DDR1-2-3 mixed-mode card (for using different small leftovers as one big ramdisk) or a mini-PCIe, single-SODIMM version for old laptops? Mine have a mini-PCIe only, and RAM is already maxed, so I’d be glad to sacrifice the miniPCIe Wi-Fi card for a 2 to 8 Gb DDR ramdrive (size calculations are on my Github).

  3. Great, if there are engineering samples available for purchase, I’d be happy to help test it first, it seems that changing the capacity with the slot will require re-download firmware with MP tool?

  4. What is the latest on these products?

    I am really interested in using on as a swap file disk used for astro image processing, so not wearing out NVM drives etc.

    I would think this would have a benefit when processing with PixInsight, has any testing been done like this? I would happy to try…..

  5. I want to buy a couple! I will sign up for blog updates and I look forward to hearing about how the manufacturing goes.

  6. Really looking forward to this being available especially in DDR 4 format.

    Any news. Does it support differing ram timings?

  7. Important question:

    will this also work with RDIMM / LR-RDIMM and Quadranked RAM?
    Using Registered RAM is the only way to get higher amount of storage in my opinion. Unregistered is too small.

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